A great new CD and accompanying book of English Country Dances from
Andrew Shaw

THE BOOK - contains directions and musical notation for 18 English Country Dances from the late 17th/early 18th century, with information on sources and historical context, and an appendix on the little-known Dancing Master Richard Motley (three dances of his are included)
A4, comb-bound, pp.iv+48, $14.

THE CD - contains recordings of all but one of the tunes from the book, performed at dance length and tempo by Paul Hutchinson (accordion) and John Hymas (violin, viola). Glass-mastered, total playing time 71 minutes, 16 seconds, $26.

1. Captain's Magot
2. Chester Ladies
3. Draw Cupid Draw
4. Dunrobin Castle
5. (The) Emperor of the Moon
6. Jumpers Chase
7. Kind and Easey
8. Love and a Bottle
9. Love in a Hop-Yard
10. The Old Maid in Hopes
11. Royall Fishery
12. St.Albans
13. The Soldier and the Sailer (not recorded on the CD)
14. The Spanheim
15. Tomson's Whim
16. A Trip to Holy-Well
17. The Tunefull Nightingale
18. Vigo

Here's an excerpt from a recent review by Ian Jones: "The present collection is of 8 dances from Kynaston's 1716-1718 sets, 6 from The Dancing Master between 1690 and 1710 and 4 from Walsh (1710/11, 1715 and 1718) Although originally all the dances were longways dances -usually triple minor, as is common with modern interpretations- Andrew has adapted and varied them so that we now have an extremely useful collection of dances including longways duple minor, triple minor and three couple sets. The character and style of the dances is, again, varied and interesting. "Chester Ladies", with its tune full of long, flowing quaver passages, is a dance of great elegance and courteous style; "Dunrobin Castle", with its title suggestive of Gothic grandeur, has a darkly brooding tune in A minor which makes one wonder if the inter-weaving figures don't portend some diplomatic manoeuvring; "Kind and Easey", as its title suggests, bubbles merrily along almost like a party game!

As with Andrew's earlier collections, many of the dances have become familiar, as he has been trying them out, and now the excitement of "The Old Maid in Hopes", with its compulsive rhythmic drive, the sophisticated elegance of "The Spanheim" with its alternation of 4- and 6- bar phrases, the curious cross rhythms of "Tomson's Whim" and the seamless flow of movement of "Jumpers Chase" are available for all to enjoy."

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